A Taste of Paradise: Your Guide to the Best Coconut Recipes

October 4, 2023

Coconut comes in many different forms as an ingredient.

You can use the water, oil, milk, meat, and oil in your food.

This makes it incredibly versatile, allowing it a place in numerous recipes.

If you are a fan of coconut, these are the top coconut recipes that you should check out:

1. Thai Red Curry

Known for its fragrant flavors and vibrant color, Thai red curry is arguably one of the best known Thai recipes – not to mention the top coconut dishes – around. You can now recreate this dish armed with a can of coconut milk, veggies, and the signature red curry paste. 

2. Coconut Tofu Bowl

There is a whole lot of coconut going on in this coconut tofu bowl recipe. The tofu is dipped in coconut milk and coated in panko and flaked coconut. And, the sauce is made from using coconut milk as well. All in all, you end up with a delicious and healthy bowl, perfect for any meal.

3. Coconut Rice

This coconut rice recipe is simple to make but oh so delicious.  The rice is cooked in coconut milk and water, creating a silky and creamy dish. A little bit of lime works to brighten things up.

4. Madras Chicken Curry

Spicy and creamy, this Madras chicken curry recipe will delight your taste buds. This dish is a slight variation on traditional Indian coconut recipes. Although it contains all the flavor of the original, it can actually be whipped up in a shorter period of time.

5. Coconut French Toast

If you believe in including as much coconut in your food as possible, then you will adore this coconut French toast recipe. It uses coconut milk, coconut flakes, and even a hint of coconut rum. This makes for a truly tropical breakfast.

6. Pan de Coco

These delicious buns are sometimes referred to as coconut bread in English. However, they differ from many of their Western or European counterparts. This Filipino pan de coco recipe has a glorious filling made from grated coconut, brown sugar, butter, and vanilla. Perfect for breakfast or a snack.

7. Strawberry Coconut Water Lemonade

You can’t find a more refreshing drink than this strawberry coconut water lemonade. Using all-natural ingredients and minimal amounts of sugar, this is the perfect drink to whip up for your family or for a party in the summertime.

8. Almond Joy Cheesecake

Let’s face it, one of the most popular uses for coconut is in coconut desserts. So, if you enjoy an Almond Joy bar every now and then, you will certainly enjoy this Almond Joy cheesecake recipe. With sweetened shredded coconut, coconut cream, and coconut oil, there is plenty to go nuts over.

9. Coconut Creamed Corn

If you always felt that creamed corn could use a little more flavor, you would be right! This coconut creamed corn recipe does just this by swapping out regular cream for coconut milk. You end up with a far more interesting taste.

10. Coconut Lime Salad Dressing

Anyone would agree that salads could use some serious improvement. Well, this is where this coconut lime dressing comes in. It uses coconut milk, lime, spices, herbs, and maple syrup to create a complex and delicious combination of flavors that will lighten up any salad.

11. Coconut Macaroons

All you need for this coconut macaroons recipe is desiccated coconut, condensed milk, egg whites, and vanilla. Despite the simplicity, you will be blown away by how amazing these little bundles of deliciousness are.

12. Coconut Flour Flatbread

As you can see from the name, this coconut flour flatbread uses coconut flour! In addition to being tasty, it is low in calories and pretty healthy to boot. The only other ingredients you require are baking powder, baking soda, eggs, and almond milk.

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13. Toasted Coconut Butter

Perhaps you are looking for a vegan alternative to butter or maybe you are on the lookout for recipes using unsweetened coconut.  Either way, this toasted coconut butter recipe is for you. All you have to do is toast unsweetened shredded coconut and then blend it in a food processor until it becomes butter.

14. Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Looking for a non-dairy drink to warm you up on cold days? Then this coconut milk hot chocolate is absolutely perfect. It is thick, creamy, and has just the right amount of chocolate.

15.  Thai Peanut Sauce

Looking for a great dipping sauce for satays or veggies? Then look no further than this Thai peanut sauce. It is made from peanut butter, red curry paste, coconut milk, and seasonings. As a result, you get a thick, creamy, and delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

16. Brazilian Moqueca

New to coconut cuisine, but still want to whip up something impressive? Well, this Brazilian Moqueca will allow you to do just that. It is a fish stew that is heavy on the flavor but easy on the chef. You will absolutely love making it.

17. Samoa Cake

Is your favorite Girl Scout cookie the Samoa cookie? Well, then this Samoa cake recipe will allow you to enjoy your favorite treat all year long! Here, you used sweetened coconut filling to hold together chocolate cake that essentially acts like one giant cookie. This is one of the ultimate chocolate and coconut dessert recipes.

18. Coconut Cookies and Cream Milkshake

This coconut cookies and cream milkshake can sound a bit exotic, but it is actually pretty easy to make. All you need is coconut milk, frozen yogurt, and chocolate sandwich cookies. So, it is a tad bit on the healthy side too!

19. Coconut Shrimp

It can be argued that coconut shrimp is the absolute best coconut appetizer. You simply dip the shrimp in a coconut milk batter, coat it with seasoned sweetened coconut and Panko crumbs and then deep fry. Serve with spicy sauce – your guests will thank you and come back for more.

20. Thai Noodle Soup

In the mood for a tangy, fuss-free recipe? Then, check out this Thai noodle soup recipe. It uses red curry paste, coconut milk, stock, and various other herbs and seasonings to add some serious flavor. Best of all, it can be made in one pot!

21. Buko

If you have been meaning to update your fruit salad recipe for a while now, give this Buko recipe a try. It is great if you are in need of fresh coconut recipes. Buko is a combination of young coconut, cream, and condensed milk, along with pandan flavored gelatin.

22. Coconut Curry Hummus

As delicious as it is, hummus can always be improved. And, this is just what this coconut curry hummus aims to do! Here, coconut milk and a heaping of other spices and herbs kick the flavor up by several notches. Even better, just throw all the ingredients into a food processor and you’re done!

23. Overnight Coconut Oatmeal

Oatmeal can get pretty standard if you aren't careful. So, if you are looking to switch things up, go ahead and experiment with this coconut oatmeal recipe. Since it requires to just combine coconut milk, oats, and sweetener and leave it overnight, it is a great quick and easy breakfast option.

24. Coconut Coffee Creamer

Are you tired of those mass-produced coffee creamers with the unpronounceable ingredients? If so, go ahead and check out this coconut coffee creamer. It uses both coconut milk and coconut oil to round out the flavor and add an extra dose of creaminess.

25. Confetti Rice

This confetti rice recipe is a great way to spice up a side dish. It uses coconut milk, stock, and spices to add some much-needed flavor to rice. You can enjoy with baked meat dishes, curries, or anything else that you like.

26. Coconut Creamed Spinach

Since spinach does need some help in the flavor department, this coconut creamed spinach recipe may become your new favorite. It relies on coconut oil and coconut milk – as well as garlic and onions – to boost this dish and make it the perfect accompaniment for your meat.

27. Coconut Curry Shakshuka

Want a new and interesting take on your eggs? This coconut curry shakshuka recipe will definitely offer it to you. This shakshuka uses tomatoes, coconut milk, curry powder, as well as herbs and spices to create something entirely new. It will be a total flavor explosion.

28. Coconut Milk Cookies

If you are looking for great, shredded coconut recipes, then look no further than these coconut milk cookies. In addition to coconut milk, the cookies have shredded coconut in them as well as on top! So, there is a lot of crunchy goodness to enjoy.

29. Coconut Oil Brownies

Did you know that coconut oil is actually the key to super moist brownies? Well, luckily for you, this coconut oil brownies recipe shows you how to whip up a batch of the most chocolaty, gooiest brownies you have ever tasted.

30. Coconut Milk Seafood Stew

If you find that your stews are often lacking in flavor, check out this coconut milk seafood stew. The coconut milk adds an interesting depth to the stew and complements a wide variety of white fish. Best of all, it is super quick and easy to make as well.

31. Vegan Tikka Masala

North Indian food can be a bit heavy on the meat and dairy. So, if you are a vegan with curry cravings, give this vegan tikka masala recipe a whirl. The cream and yoghurt is substituted with coconut milk, allowing you to keep the dish creamy and tasty.

32. Strawberry Vanilla Coconut Water Slushie

This coconut water slushie is actually pretty healthy! It contains just a little bit of maple syrup and uses whole strawberries, frozen coconut water, and a hint of vanilla. You will find it tough to find a summertime treat as good as this one!

33. Coconut Quinoa

Would you like to eat quinoa for breakfast, but with a slightly sweeter take on it? Then this coconut quinoa recipe is definitely for you. You simply sub out water for coconut milk and then add in some vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Delicious!

34.  Coconut Cookie Bars

This coconut cookie bar recipe is great if you need to make a large batch of chewy coconut bars. All it takes is a few ingredients including shredded coconut. Combine these, bake the bars, and you are good to go!

35. Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Fudge

If you imagine that fudge can’t be borderline healthy, you definitely need to give this fudge recipe a try. All it uses is coconut oil, peanut butter, maple syrup, and dark chocolate chips. So, you won’t feel quite so guilty when you indulge in your favorite dessert.

36. Coconut Bread

This coconut bread will be just up your alley if you are searching for the heavy use of coconut flakes in recipes. Despite using a fair amount of sugar and sweetened coconut flakes, this recipe isn’t overly sweet. As such, you can pair it with a wider variety of dishes.

37. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Despite being delicious, mashed potatoes aren’t necessarily the healthiest option. These mashed sweet potatoes, though, are chock-full of nutrients and fiber. And, when you consider that they are made with coconut milk, it makes them all the more delicious as well.

38. Roasted Green Pepper Soup

Roasted green peppers aren’t as popular as their red counterparts. However, they – and coconut milk – are the true stars in this roasted green pepper soup. It is smoky, creamy, and contains just the right amount of flavor.

39. Coconut Yogurt

Most commercial non-dairy yogurts contain a great deal of additives. So, if you want the most wholesome option, you better make yourself a batch of this coconut yoghurt. Although it can sound daunting, you just need coconut milk and some probiotics.

40. Coconut Pancakes

This coconut pancakes recipe is a triple threat - coconut flour, coconut yogurt, and coconut oil! These coconut treats aren’t just filling and delicious, though, they are also great for building muscle. If you want to look and feel great every morning, this is the recipe for you!

41. Coconut Pie Crust

As you are well aware, coconut goes really well with lots of different ingredients, both sweet and savory. Due to this, it is perfect as a pie crust, allowing you to top it off with whatever you wish. This coconut pie crust uses only shredded coconut and butter, making it even easier to make.

42. Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders

These baked coconut chicken tenders are surprisingly easy to make. You simply coat the tenders in wheat flour, panko, and shredded coconut and then pop them in the oven. You will be able to have dinner on the table in less than an hour.

43. Thai Yellow Fish Curry

This Thai yellow fish curry calls for you to make the curry paste from scratch, but it is well worth the effort. When simmered in coconut milk, this recipe becomes a vibrant, fragrant, and delicious dish that is perfect for any meal.

44. Coconut Flour Muffins

Most muffins tend to be laden with processed flours and sugar, but not this coconut flour muffin recipe! True to its name, it uses coconut flour, coconut oil, honey, and eggs. This makes it far easier to keep your breakfast healthier.

45. Coconut Squares

These delicious coconut cake squares are also known as lamingtons. Though tiny, these treats are delicious. They consist of sponge cake rolled in chocolate and grated coconut. Does it get any better than that?

46. Coconut Water Mixed Berry Smoothie

Perhaps you prefer a smoothie that is a little lighter. If so, then this coconut water mixed berry recipe is for you. All you need is some coconut water, mixed berries, spinach, and flax seeds to bulk things up. Give it a whirl in your blender and you will be done.

47. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

Marshmallows are great with hot chocolate, s’mores, or even by themselves. However, if you make this toasted coconut marshmallows, you can increase the tastiness of your treats by a whole lot. They do take a little patience but are well worth the wait.

48. Coconut Matcha Latte

You don’t have to drain your wallet at your favorite coffee chain to enjoy a matcha latte. Instead, you can enjoy it at home. This coconut matcha latte is dairy-free and has just a hint of coconut – an excellent combination!

49. German Chocolate Cake

If you are tired of plain, ol’ chocolate cake, then this German chocolate cake is exactly what you need to take things to the next level. The star of the show is a pecan-coconut frosting that is sweet, coconut-y, nutty, and just absolutely delicious.

50. Laksa Soup

There is just so much to enjoy about this Laksa soup. Spices, herbs, and fish are simmered in coconut milk to produce a taste unlike any other. It is warm, savory, and has just the right amount of tang. You will want to make this recipe over and over again.

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These are the top coconut recipes that you can try out for yourself. As you can see, there is just so much to choose from!

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