Is Coconut Water Anti Inflammatory? A Relieving Discovery

October 2, 2023

Yes, coconut water is anti flammatory. However, some types of coconut water work better than others.

As I deal with a lot of clients who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation is something that I deal with a lot. Many of the people I work with want to know is coconut water anti inflammatory and can it make me feel better? I then have to explain the entire situation to them.

In this post you will find out why and how coconut water reduces inflammation. You will also discover which type of coconut water you should be drinking. Let’s begin!

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Does Coconut Water Reduce Inflammation?

As mentioned, coconut water can help to reduce inflammation in the body. However, what kind of inflammation does this beverage target and why is coconut water considered to be anti-inflammatory?

The first thing to understand is that much of the research conducted has been done on acute inflammation. This is the type of inflammation that is typically caused by physical harm or damage. The symptoms of acute inflammation often last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Nonetheless, coconut water has been found to be quite effective against this form of inflammation. In fact, its effects are similar to that of pharmaceutical drugs such as aspirin used to treat inflammation.

What’s especially impressive about coconut water is that it treats inflammation at every stage. Not only does this work to reduce the symptoms of inflammation more quickly, the water also offers pain relief.

How is Coconut Water Anti Inflammatory?

Scientists still don’t fully understand how coconut water exhibits anti inflammatory characteristics. Some believe that the water helps to limit the production of prostaglandins. These are a group of lipids that form at the sites of infection or tissue damage. They are responsible for the swelling and pain associated with inflammation.

Still, it would appear that coconut water does more than just prevent prostaglandins from forming. After all, as mentioned, coconut water can reduce inflammatory systems at both stages of the process.

And, since substance P and bradykinins are responsible for the symptoms in the earlier stage, there is a chance that coconut water may have inhibitory action against these components as well.

Coconut Water and Hepatic Inflammation

Scientists are beginning to do more research into just how widespread the anti inflammatory effects of coconut water actually are. In one study, they looked at the impact of coconut water against hepatic inflammation.

Now, hepatic inflammation is an issue that crops up with certain forms of liver disease. This form of inflammation is largely responsible for liver tissue damage. Thus, finding a way to reduce the impact can help to preserve the liver.

And, it appears that coconut water may be able to do just this. The beverage does this by suppressing nitrite production by primary hepatocytes. At the same time, coconut water was also responsible for inhibiting Nos2 mRNA and iNOS protein expression.

What does this all mean?

Well, although more research needs to be done on this subject, it does offer more insight into how coconut water may inhibit inflammation. This, in turn, shows scientists that the coconut water may be able to reduce inflammation in a variety of ways.

Therefore, there is a good chance that, in the future, coconut water could be used to combat various types of inflammation, including chronic inflammation or inflammation of major organs in the body.  

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Does Tender Coconut Water Reduce Inflammation?

As you may be aware, coconut water can be found in both tender and mature coconut fruits. Experts have discovered that although they have many similarities, that the nutrient value of the water from each type of drupe is different.

Therefore, it is only natural to wonder if the water from tender coconuts is more effective than mature coconuts.

Well, it would appear that this is the case. Tender coconut water shows a greater anti inflammatory effect than water from mature coconuts. This doesn’t mean that mature coconut water doesn’t have its uses, though.

Rather, while tender coconut water is best for more severe forms of inflammation, mature coconut water can help quite a bit with moderate inflammation.

To add to this, the coconut waters have an impact at different stages. For instance, the mature coconut water works is more effective in the first stage of inflammation, while tender coconut water works better against the second stage of inflammation.

The good news for you is that most of the branded coconut water does come from young coconuts. Thus, you will have easy access to the kind of coconut water that will provide you with the most relief.

Can You Rely on Coconut Water Alone?

Now, can you rely on coconut water alone to treat inflammation? Well, this depends on what you are attempting to treat.

For instance, if it is a mild injury, then coconut water may be enough to help you issue in a few days’ times. If there is a larger problem or if you are suffering from chronic inflammation, the results may not be as certain.

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before you try to treat inflammation with coconut water alone. With a more severe case, your healthcare professional may recommend coconut water as a supplement to your current treatment.

And, remember, tender coconut water is the way to go. It is always a good idea to double check that the drink specifically contains the liquid from green coconuts. What’s more, it should be free of sugars, flavoring, and other additives.

You should also be aware that you shouldn’t drink too much of coconut water in one day as it is high in potassium. Most people would recommend that you only drink around 8 ounces per day. Once again, though, this is something that you should speak to your doctor about.

Yes, coconut water is anti inflammatory but there is so much more to learn about this delicious beverage. Now you know precisely how it can help you!

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