Is Coconut Water Healthy To Drink Everyday? Your Guide to a Daily Dose

October 2, 2023

Coconut water is typically safe for you to consume daily as long as you limit your intake.

Many of my clients drink coconut water for health benefits or for hydration. Thus, they want to know is coconut water healthy to drink everyday. Here is what science has to say…

In this post, I will cover where or not it is safe to drink coconut water daily, what benefits you can expect, and what adverse effects you need to watch out for. Let’s begin!

Is It Bad to Drink Coconut Water Every Day?

For the most part, it does appear that it is safe to drink coconut water every day. The drink is low in calories and sugars and doesn’t contain any harmful components. Due to this, drinking it daily shouldn’t cause any issues.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that not everyone reacts to coconut water in the same way. Some people may experience a stomach upset or feeling of fullness with coconut water. If you fall into this category, naturally, your symptoms will worsen if you consume the drink on a daily basis.

You should be aware that coconut water should only be enjoyed in moderation, especially if you are planning on drinking it every day. To gain a better sense of how much you should be limiting yourself to, keep reading…

Last, but not least, it is vital that you check with your doctor about your coconut water consumption if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition. Only your healthcare provider will be able to give you a better idea of whether or not you can drink coconut water every day.  

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What are the Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water Daily?

Here are some of the advantages that you may be able to enjoy when you drink coconut water regularly:

Tasty Hydration

Let’s face it – although you know that you should drink more water, this isn’t always easy to do. It tastes incredibly plain and few people can drink as much as they should.

Coconut water is a tasty way to add some hydration to your diet. Now, you should be mindful of the fact that you shouldn’t consume too much of the drink. Still, having a little every day can make it more fun to get to your daily hydration quota.

Not to mention, when compared to juices and sodas, coconut water is a much healthier option. Unlike these beverages, coconut water is lower in calories as well as sugars.

Good Dose of Nutrients

Coconut water contains several nutrients including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Now, coconut water is only really high in potassium – it contains 15 percent of your daily requirement. However, it is still a tasty way to add healthy nutrients to your diet, especially if you are struggling to do so in a healthy manner.

May Help to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a painful condition that affects a significant portion of the global population. This is why it is good news that coconut water is a good source of citrate. This component makes it easier for your body to flush out components that contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

As a result, this can reduce the likelihood of the stones forming in the first place.  

May Lower Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then the high potassium content in coconut water may help to lower it. The mildly diuretic impact of coconut water may also work to lower the level of fluid in the body, making it easier to control blood pressure.

It should be noted that if you have low blood pressure then you should be especially cautious about your intake of coconut water. Always talk to your doctor before adding it to your diet.

What is Bad About Coconut Water?

There isn’t anything particularly “bad” about coconut water. As with most food and drink, it simply has to be enjoyed in moderation.

This is largely to do with the fact that coconut water has a significant potassium content. If you stick with the recommended amounts, then potassium can be a great way to stay healthy and avoid a host of health issues.

Too much potassium, though, can mess with your digestive system. In this instance, you may suffer from diarrhea and other stomach or digestion-related issues.

If you are suffering from kidney issues or if your body isn’t able to regulate or get rid of nutrients in an efficient manner, then you should be careful as well. This is because there is a greater risk of potassium building up in the body.

Insignificant amounts can cause potassium toxicity. 

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How Much Coconut Water Per Day is Safe?

All of this begs the question – just how much coconut water is safe for you to drink on a daily basis?

Well, it is difficult to give you a straightforward answer here.

As mentioned, the main thing to be concerned with when drinking coconut water is the potassium content. Now, if you aren’t getting too much potassium from other foods and drinks in your diet, then you may be able to get away with indulging in a little more coconut water.

However, if you are already consuming a rather balanced diet, then you will need to limit your intake.

Also, as mentioned, coconut water may not always agree with everyone. For some people, the side effects only kick in after a significant amount. For others, even a small amount may cause problems. Therefore, you will need to regulate your consumption based on how it affects you.

On average, though, you may want to drink about 6 to 8 ounces of coconut water a day. Take note of how you feel. If this amount agrees with you then, great! If not, try experimenting with lower quantities until you find what works for you.

Even if you don’t experience any side effects with coconut water at around 6 to 8 ounce doesn’t mean that you should increase your consumption. This is as high as you should go.

There you have it – you most likely can drink coconut water every day, but you do have to be mindful of how much you consume. Also, not everyone can drink the same amount – you need to vary your consumption based on how the coconut water may affect you.

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