And The Winner Is… Your Guide to the Best Coconut Oil for Cooking

October 3, 2023

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil is the best organic coconut oil for cooking.

As more and more of my clients have begun to use coconut oil to cook with, I have done an increasing amount of research into what the best brands are. After all, few brands can really claim the top spot, particularly when it comes to health.

Since I know that every person follows a different diet, I am aware that you are looking for specific features from your coconut oil. This is why I made an effort to add options for everything from keto to low calorie. In this post, you will also find various guidelines on how to pick the right option for you.

The Best Coconut Oil Brand for Cooking

Now, let’s look at what you’re here for. These are the top brands for coconut oil for cooking.

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

Best Organic Coconut Oil for Cooking

This is one of the more versatile coconut oils. The taste and consistency allow you to use it in dishes, baked treats, or even drinks.

As such, it is a must-have in your kitchen.

What We Like:

  • Top Quality: this coconut oil is incredibly high-grade. It is 100 percent pure, cold-processed, virgin, and hexane-free. You will be hard-pressed to find a brand that provides you with higher quality.
  • Great Taste: this coconut oil is quite tasty. It has a creamy texture and improves the flavors of the dishes you add it to.
  • High in Nutrients: the oil includes 62 percent of MCTs, which are healthy components of coconut oil. As such, you can enjoy a greater number of health benefits.

What We Don't Like:

  • Lower Smoking Point: the smoking point is lower than some other oils. As such, it may not be great for frying purposes.

Spectrum Culinary Coconut Oil

Best Coconut Oil for Keto

If you are looking for maximum fat and MCT content, then this is the brand for you. It is an excellent option for anyone following the keto diet.

What We Like:

  • High MCT Content: this coconut oil boasts 9g of MCT with each serving. Thus, if you are looking for a coconut oil to help you with weight loss, this could be it.
  • Neutral Taste: there is no taste to this oil, ensuring that all the other flavors of your dishes are allowed to shine.
  • Versatile Ingredient: this is a coconut oil that works well in a wide range of dishes, letting you use it in multiple ways.  

What We Don't Like:

  • Not Great for Higher Temperatures: this oil has been designed for medium temperature ranges and isn’t suitable for high heat cooking.

Nutiva Coconut Oil

If you are someone who uses coconut oil regularly, then Nutiva is an option you should turn to.

With its price and its quality, it offers you the best of both worlds.

What We Like:

  • Minimal Processing: this oil is minimally processed, making it completely non-hydrogenated. At the same time, there is no trace of trans fats in this oil.
  • Good Value: this brand does offer excellent value for your money. So, even if you use a lot of coconut oil, you will find that this is an affordable option.
  • Melts Easily: the coconut oil melts easily and quickly, making it rather simple for you to use it in any dish of your choice.

What We Don't Like:

  • Strong Smell and Flavor: this coconut oil is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t enjoy the smell or taste of coconut oil, then you won’t like this brand all that much.

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil

If you want to make adding coconut oil to your food as easy as using any other vegetable oil, this is the brand for you.

Its no-fuss formula means that it is a breeze to add to any dish.

What we Like:

  • Liquid at Room Temperature: there is no need to melt this coconut oil as it is already liquid. This increases the number of ways you can use this oil.
  • No Flavor or Scent: the oil is both unflavored and unscented. So, if you are only using coconut oil for the benefits, then this is the brand for you.
  • High Smoking Point: this oil does have a higher smoking point and as such is great for frying.

What We Don't Like:

  • Higher Cost: the advantages of this coconut oil do come at with a higher price tag attached.

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Do you travel often and don’t always have access to coconut oil? If so, this brand can help you overcome the problem.

Your coconut oil is now available in easy-to-carry packets at all times.

What We Like:

  • Portable Packaging: the oil is packaged in individual packets. As such, you have the freedom to travel with as few or as many of these as you want.
  • High-Quality Oil: the oil in these packets is incredibly high-quality. It is organic, virgin, and cold-pressed. So, you will not have to forego your health even when on the road. 
  • Long Shelf-Life: the packets have a long shelf-life so you can be certain that you are getting your money’s worth.

What We Don't Like:

  • Difficult to Measure: if you are on the go, use up the entire packet all at once or risk it leaking.

Chosen Foods Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Do you enjoy using coconut oil in your food, but wish there was a healthier option? Well, this cooking spray is it.

Not to mention, it also comes in an easy-to-use form!

What We Like:

  • Only Coconut Oil: this brand only uses coconut oil in the spray. As such, you are getting the real deal with a few more advantages.
  • Healthier Option: this oil doesn’t contain any saturated fat or calories. Therefore, it is great if you are following a weight loss diet or are simply trying to be healthier.
  • Versatile Ingredient: in this form, coconut oil can be sprayed on baked vegetables, salads, and even popcorn. The options are endless.

What We Don't Like:

  • Doesn’t Last Long: quite a bit comes out of the container with every use, meaning that the oil does run out rather quickly.

Which Is the Best Coconut Oil to Use for Cooking?

One of the top questions you may be asking yourself is how do I identify good coconut oil?

Well, before you can answer this, there are several terms and processes that you need to understand.

The Two Types of Coconut Oil

There are two types of coconut oil – refined and unrefined.

Refined coconut oil is referred to as RBD (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) coconut oil while the unrefined oil is typically called virgin coconut oil.

The main difference between these two kinds of coconut oil is how they are processed. Refined oil will undergo a refining process before being exposed to high heat.

Virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, is extracted using high pressure. As a result, a greater number of nutrients remain.

In case you are wondering which coconut oil is best for cooking refined or unrefined? The answer is pretty clear.

Whenever possible, always choose virgin coconut oil. It is of higher quality and is much healthier for you.

The Truth About Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Most people are familiar with the terms “virgin oil” and “extra virgin oil” because of olive oil. Now, with this oil, there is an actual difference in free fatty acid content with these oils.

Thus, you may follow the same kind of logic with coconut oil and be on the lookout for the best extra virgin coconut oil for cooking. 

However, the same can’t be said for coconut oil. This is because there is no discernible difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil.

When you see extra virgin coconut oil used on a label, it is more or less a marketing ploy. So, you might as well save yourself some money and stick with the virgin version.

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Should You Buy Organic?

There has been some research done on the level of pesticides in coconut oil. For the most part, these levels are negligible and don’t hurt your health.

So, it may not be necessary for you to buy organic, especially if you are opting for virgin coconut oil.

On the other hand, if you are buying refined coconut oil, it may be prudent to buy organic.

Since the testing process for organic brands is more stringent, you can be certain that there aren’t harmful components in your coconut oil.

Choosing Coconut Oil for Keto Diet

If you are on a keto diet for weight loss, then you need to pay a little more attention to the MCT content of the coconut oil.

After all, it is the MCT content in the coconut oil that can help with weight loss. Always look for brands that have a higher content.

It should be noted that this information isn’t always readily available. Thus, you may need to do some additional research or contact the manufacturer directly to get this information.

These are the top coconut oils for cooking on the market. Now that you armed with this information, you can ensure that you only use the very best ingredients in your food.

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