A Tough Nut to Crack: The Best Coconut Openers for You [2020 Update]

It is tough to get fresh coconut water or meat from a coconut. Of course, there is a catch here – to enjoy these treats, you have to be able to crack open a coconut by yourself.

To do this, you will require the best coconut openers. Now, if this isn’t something you have tried before, you may be wondering what these tools are.

Well, you can find all the details regarding coconut openers right here.

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Understanding the Tools

There are different coconut opener tools available. This is because there are a couple of different methods to open up a coconut.

The precise tool that you will need will depend on what kind of coconut you are dealing with and what you are extracting from the drupe.

Young Coconut Opener

There are two tools needed to open coconuts with several layers. These often come as a set.

One tool looks like a mallet while the other one resembles a large box wrench.

You have to place the wrench-like tool against the peeled coconut. Then, use the mallet to hammer the other tool into the husk.

This will allow the wrench-like utensil to drill into the fibrous material and pull this section out.

You will be left with an opening that allows you access to the edible portion of the coconut.

Young vs. Mature Coconut Opener – Is There a Difference?

There is some confusion between young and mature coconuts.

So, what is the difference between these drupes, and do you need different tools to open each type?

Young coconuts have more water and less meat inside them. Mature coconuts, on the other hand, have very little water but have a higher meat content.

Green coconuts have a softer husk and outer shell than the mature ones.

As such, they are easier to open as well.

Nevertheless, you can use the same tools to open both young and mature coconuts alike.

The main difference is that you have to use a bit more strength when cracking open the mature coconut.

cracked coconuts

Coconut Cutter for Coconut Water

If you want to utilize the coconut water, it first needs to be extracted before the outer shell is cracked open.

There is a special tool that will help you do just this.

The handle is similar to that of a twist and pull corkscrew, while the bottom portion looks like an apple corer, except that it has a jagged and pointed end.

It burrows a hole in the softest part of the drupe, allowing you to pour out the liquid into a container.

Coconut Knife

Sometimes, there is no substitute for a good knife. This is especially true in the case of tougher mature coconuts.

You can simply use the knife to crack open the coconut in half, allowing you to scoop the meat out.

Now, there aren't dedicated coconut knives, but a good chef’s knife or cleaver will work well in this situation.

The Best Tool to Open Coconuts

Here are the best tools to use when opening coconuts:

This is the perfect tool to help you open young coconuts and extract the water. You should be able to tackle freshly picked coconuts with this utensil.

What we Like:

  • Easy to Use: this tool is surprisingly easy to use. You simply have to find the softest point of the coconut and press the tool into it.
  • Effective: the opener is great for unhusked and peeled coconuts alike. Thus, you don’t only have to use coconuts bought at grocery stores.
  • No Wastage: since the hole is so precise, you don’t have to worry about any of the coconut water being wasted.

What We Don't Like:

  • Not Suitable for Mature Coconuts: the tool isn’t strong enough to drill through mature coconuts.

If you are looking for an easy way to open young coconuts, this is the tool for you.

What we Like:

  • No Learning Curve: there is nothing to learn with this set. Simply place the hollow tool against the coconut and tap it with the mallet.
  • Creates Large Opening: this tool creates a decent-sized opening, allowing you to scoop the meat out.
  • Good Quality Tools: these tools are made from food-safe materials, ensuring that you can keep the entire process hygienic.

What We Don't Like:

  • Can Make a Mess: this set can cause a larger crack, causing the coconut water to slosh out.

You have everything you need right here to open both young and mature coconuts alike.

What we Like:

  • Complete Set: this set contains opening tools, scooping tools, a non-slip mat, and even a straw. In essence, it contains everything you need.
  • Good for Mature Coconuts: as there are multiple tools, including ones for scraping, you will find that this set works well with mature coconuts too.
  • Durable Materials: the strong and durable tools offer up good value and ensure that you can use the tools for longer.

What We Don't Like:

  • Creates Smaller Opening: the opening can be a bit small and you may need to physically widen it if you want to scoop the meat out.

This blade will allow you to hack through the husk and shell of a coconut and is safe enough to handle.

What we Like:

  • Good Blade: this blade is sharp enough to cut through the husk of a coconut, but has a slight blunt feel as well. As such, you won’t feel like you’ll hurt your hand in the process of using it.
  • Sturdy Grip: this knife offers a good grip, allowing you to get a proper hold of the knife and bring it down on the coconut swiftly.
  • Long-Lasting Blade: the blade is made from high-quality materials that aren’t easily dulled, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.

What We Don't Like:

  • Large and Bulky: this knife can be rather large and bulky and it may take time for you to get used to it.

This is your guide to the best coconut openers. It doesn’t matter how you prefer opening coconuts, you are sure to find a suitable tool.

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