Coconut Oil for Beard? Here’s the Full Story on This Remedy

October 4, 2023

These days, men take a great deal more interest in their beards. This, of course, is because there are now more beard care products than ever before.

However, you may have heard about all the benefits of coconut oil and may even have picked up on whispers of coconut oil for beard.

So, is there any truth to this? Can you rely on coconut oil to help you get a longer, thicker, and healthier beard?

Let’s find out!

Coconut Oil and Your Beard – The Big Questions

As you may be aware, there are a fair number of myths out there.

So, your first step should be to understand exactly what coconut oil is and isn’t capable of doing for your beard.

On this note, let’s answer some of the biggest questions regarding coconut oil and your beard.

Can You Use Coconut Oil for Beard Growth?

Some men can seem to grow Gandalf-length beards while others struggle to move past light stubble.

Is this something that coconut oil can help with? Unfortunately, no.

See, beard length and thickness are determined by genetics. As a result, there is a limit to what you can do to change how it grows.

Relying on coconut oil for facial hair growth isn’t much of a remedy.

Also, if you have lighter hair, your beard may not be nearly as visible if you had darker hair. 

man with long beard

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Beards?

While coconut oil may not directly help with a longer or thicker beard, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses.

One thing coconut oil can do is to add moisture to your beard.

It does this is by creating a protective layer over the strands, preventing moisture from leaving.

Coconut oil can also allow other beard moisturizers to have a great positive impact on your facial hair.

Oil can naturally make your facial hair darker. So, if you do have lighter strands, they may appear darker, creating the illusion of thickness.

The oil can also act as a beard softener, making the hair feel smoother and silkier.

So, how does adding moisture to your beard improve its appearance?

Well, to start with, a moisturized beard actually appears fuller. Thus, you will be able to fake having a fuller beard.

Not to mention, shiny and lustrous facial hair will certainly look good on anyone.

As an added bonus, coconut oil is completely natural. Due to this, you don’t need to be concerned about applying to your face or beard.

Coconut allergies are incredibly rare. So, it is unlikely that you will have to contend with any side effects.

Can You Use Coconut Oil for Beard Dandruff?

Is it possible for you to get rid of dandruff beard or an itchy beard with coconut oil?

Unlike with scalp dandruff, beard dandruff is caused by dry and irritated skin.

The good news is that coconut oil, as mentioned, has a moisturizing effect. Due to this, it could be very useful in keeping beard dandruff at bay.

The Best Coconut Oil for Your Beard

In case you are wondering what the best coconut oil for your beard would be, No products found. would win this title.

As it is a fractionated oil, it is readily absorbed into your skin and your facial hair. It is also highly moisturizing, creating the appearance of a plumper and fuller beard.

There is also the fact that this formula is quite lightweight. As such, it won’t feel oily on your face and won’t weigh down your facial hair.

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Using a Coconut Oil Beard Treatment

Since coconut oil does have some benefits for your beard, the next thing you need to know is how to use it on your facial hear.

What You Should Know About Using Coconut Oil as Beard Oil

It should be noted that coconut oil may not be a good remedy for everyone.

This is because it is considered to be comedogenic. It can block pores and increase the risk of developing acne.

Therefore, coconut oil may not be suitable for individuals with naturally oily skin.

If you still want to give it a try, avoid applying it directly to your skin. Instead, use the coconut oil on the ends of your beard.

You may not want to keep the coconut oil on your beard for too long, either. Rather, apply it to your facial hair and leave it in only for an hour or so.

When you do begin using coconut oil on your facial hair, keep an eye on your skin.

If you notice that there is an oily sheen to it or if there is a sudden crop of acne, you may want to stop using the oil.

Or, at the very least, reduce the amount of oil that you are applying to your face and beard.

Using Coconut Oil as Beard Oil

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Beard

If you are using coconut oil that is solid at room temperature, you will need to heat it first.

You can rub a small amount between the palms of your hands. Or, you can heat the coconut oil in the microwave in a heatproof bowl.

Once the coconut oil is liquid, massage it into your skin, at the root of your beard.

Then, work your way down, making sure that all the strands are well-coated. At the same time, use the oil to tame your facial hair so that they are all lying in the same direction.

Pay special attention to the ends of your beard as they may be drier.

Don’t use too much coconut oil. Ideally, you should apply just enough so that it is absorbed by your beard.

If you apply excess, the oil may cause your beard to look greasy. Not to mention, it could end up smearing on your clothes as well!

How to Wash Coconut Oil Out of Your Beard

If you have oily skin, you may not want to leave the coconut oil in your beard for too long. So, wash it out.

If you do have a beard shampoo, you can use this to get it out of your facial hair.

In case you don’t, use a gentle facial cleanser to remove the oil that is on your skin.

Avoid using the cleanser on the ends of your beard, as it may cause the strands to dry out.

Using Coconut Oil to Shave

You might have heard about people shaving body hair with coconut oil. Is it possible to use this oil for your facial hair as well?

Can You Use Coconut Oil To Shave?

Yes, you can use coconut to shave your face too!

For one thing, it creates a protective layer on your skin so that the razor doesn’t scrape against your face.

This can help to reduce razor burn or even ingrown hairs later on.

Coconut oil is also an excellent lubricant. As such, it allows your razor to slip on your skin, resulting in a smooth shave.

beard shaving kit

How to Use Coconut Oil to Shave Your Hair

Here is how you can use this oil as a shaving lubricant:

Step 1: Apply a Thick Layer

It is important to apply a significant layer of coconut oil to your skin. This will ensure that your skin is properly protected against the blade.

If you happen to get coconut oil on both hands, wash them thoroughly before picking up the blade.

Step 2: Let the Coconut Oil Sit

If you have a coarse beard or if your skin is especially dry, you may want to let the coconut oil sit for a few minutes.

You will find it a lot more comfortable to shave with soft facial hair and skin.

You can skip this step if you have naturally oily skin.

Step 3: Choose the Right Technique

There is no denying that when you shave against the grain that you get a smoother shave.

Unfortunately, you also put yourself at risk of razor burn and future ingrown hairs.

Thus, you should shave with the grain if you have sensitive skin or have a history of ingrown hairs.

If you do want a smooth shave, then you can shave against the grain. In this scenario, you may want to reapply the coconut oil every so often.

This can reduce razor burn and irritation.

Well, if you were wondering if you could use coconut oil for beard, there you have it.

Its main benefits are moisturizing your facial hair and helping you to get rid of dandruff. Coconut oil can also improve the appearance of your beard and make it appear thicker.

Oh, and it can be used to shave your beard as well!

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