How to Get Coconut Oil Out Of Clothes

No Fuss, No Mess:
How to Get Coconut Oil Out Of Clothes

Coconut oil can be used in nearly every aspect of your life. So, if you are a devotee of this ingredient, it is only natural that it is going to end up on your clothes at some point or another.

When this happens, though, it can be incredibly frustrating. After all, can coconut oil stain your clothes? Is it possible to remove it?

Well, if you want to answer these questions and learn how to get coconut oil out of clothes, then this is the post for you.

So, let’s take a look at how you can tackle this problem…

Does Coconut Oil Stain?

Yes, coconut oil can stain your clothes.

Although it is thicker than most other liquids, it can be absorbed into the fabric. When this happens, you will notice a darkened spot where the oil has settled in.

Now, it should be noted that coconut oil stains are more difficult to get rid of than certain other substances.

This is because they aren't water soluble and can’t be simply washed out.

How to Get Rid of Fresh Coconut Oil Stains

It is always best to tend to a coconut oil stain immediately. If you are able to intervene before the stain sets, you will have a much easier time getting rid of it.

On this note, here are the steps that you should follow when getting rid of fresh coconut oil marks: 

1. Blot the Excess Oil

It is best to use white towels for this purpose. Press the towel against the fabric so that the oil is absorbed by the towel.

Continue to do this until most of the oil has been blotted.

washing powder

2. Sprinkle Powder on the Stain

In general, powder has the ability to absorb oil. Traditionally, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and cornstarch are the most reliable powders.

However, you can also try talcum powder, baby powder, and chalk as well.

Make sure to douse the stain liberally with the powder. The more that you add, the better the powder will soak up the oil that is on the fabric.

In turn, it will make it easier for you to wash out the stain later on.

3. Leave the Powder On the Stain

If it is a small stain, then you can leave the powder on it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

You can discard the powder once it has begun to clump together. For more significant stains, you can leave it on for about 30 minutes to an hour.

If you have spilled a lot of coconut oil on your clothes, you may need to add more powder after the first dose.

Typically, the powder has done its job once it stops clumping together. 

4. Scrape the Powder Off

For this part, you will need a stiff, thin piece of cardboard or an old credit card.

Press the card against the fabric and drag it across the stain. Repeat this until the powder has effectively been removed from the patch of oil.

5. Put the Item to Wash

Set your washing machine to the highest possible temperature. This will help to dissolve the oil in the fabric.

You can dry it as normal and the stain should be gone. 

Using a Coconut Oil Stain Remover for Old Stains

If the stain has had time to set, you are going to have to make a bit more of an effort to remove the stain.

In particular, this means using a stain remover. Now, there aren't stain removers specifically meant for this oil.

However, there are several options available for cooking oil.

When selecting your remover, you have to options. You can either select a spot remover or you can use a special detergent.

If you would like to use a spot remover, then Carbona Stain Devils #5 is a great option. It works for all oil-based stains and is great for dislodging any oil that has been soaked up into the fabric. Then, it is simply a matter of putting the clothing item in the wash.

For an all-over detergent, an oxygen bleach such as OxiClean. This detergent is readily absorbed deep into the fabric, making it easier for it to break up oil-based stains. As an added bonus, it will also work to brighten clothes, making it a suitable option for colored fabrics as well. 

stain-free clothes after wash

How to Remove Coconut Oil From Fabric Once It Has Set

This is what you will need to do if the coconut oil has been on the fabric for a while.

Using a Spot Remover

If you are using a spot remover, these are the steps to follow:

1. Read the Instructions

The first thing you should do is read the instructions.

These can differ from one brand to another. Thus, it is important to always follow the directions perfectly.

2. Apply Remover to the Stain

Dab the remover onto the stain. Some brands may require you to dilute the solution first before placing it onto the fabric.

Use the directed amount and avoid getting the product on any other portion of the cloth.

3. Leave for Directed Period

Leave the product in for as long as necessary. For some brands, you will only need to let the product soak in for a few minutes.

Others, however, may require you to leave it on for longer.

Never leave the stain remover in for longer than is recommended. You may end up bleaching or damaging your clothes if you do so.

4. Wash the Remover Out

Follow the directions and wash the remover out of the clothes. Make sure that the product has been completely removed from the fabric.

5. Put the Item in the Wash

Wash the item as you usually would and dry as normal.

washing machine

Using a Detergent

This is what you should do if you are using an oxygen bleach detergent:

1. Dissolve the Detergent in Water

Dissolve the liquid or the powder in a bucket or basin of water.

Follow the instructions regarding the pre-soak amounts. This will differ from one brand to another.

For the best results, you need to ensure that the solution isn’t too strong or too diluted.

2. Soak the Fabric

Place the clothing item in the bucket or basin. Leave it in for about two hours or follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The stain should be mostly or completely gone at this point.

3. Wash the Clothes in Hot Water

Place the fabric in the washing machine and set it to the highest possible temperature.

If there is any coconut oil left in the stain, the heat should work to remove it.

Dry the clothes as usual.

These are the instructions to follow if you need to remove coconut oil from clothes. If it is a fresh stain, some powder and washing in hot water should do the trick.

On the other hand, if the stain has set, you can use a stain remover such as Carbona or OxyClean to help get rid of it.

Regardless of what kind of coconut oil stain you are dealing with, you should find your solution here. So, go ahead and try these techniques out. 

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