Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes: Is This Remedy Safe for You?

October 4, 2023

While there is potential for coconut oil for dry eyes, there isn’t enough research to determine whether this is a safe remedy for you.

Want to learn more about the treatment of dry eyes with coconut oil? Well, keep reading to find out!

Can You Put Coconut Oil in Your Eye?

So, here is the big question: is coconut oil bad for your eyes or can you safely put it in your eyes?

This is one of those areas where there hasn’t been enough human study. In most cases, ophthalmologists and other doctors only recommend using saline or artificial tears in your eyes. You typically wouldn’t put anything as viscous as coconut oil into your eye.

So, what happens if coconut oil gets in your eye or you purposefully put it there? It is difficult to predict what the outcome might be. While there are accounts of people occasionally using the oil in their eyes, there aren’t any widespread reports.

It should also be noted that each person may have a different reaction to putting coconut oil in their eyes. Some individuals may not experience any issues, while others may suffer from irritation or other eye problems.

If this is an option that you are considering, it is a good idea to speak to a doctor or ophthalmologist first. They will be able to decide if this remedy is right for you and your eye problem.

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Is Coconut Oil Safe for Eyelids?

OK, so what if you want to use the oil on your eyelids instead? Is this possible? Well, considering that you can use coconut oil for eyelashes, it has been found that you can use coconut oil on and around your eyelids.

It appears that even though the skin is thinner here than in the rest of the body that coconut oil is mild enough to not cause a reaction. Therefore, it can be used to treat infections or other medical conditions affecting the skin around the eyes.

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The Potential Coconut Oil Benefits for Eyes

It is just as important for you to know whether or not the coconut oil can actually be beneficial be for your eyes or eyelids. Here is a look at some of the advantages that the oil may have:

May Act as a Rewetting Agent

There was a study done on using coconut oil for dry eyes. However, the experiment was conducted on rabbits instead of humans. The results found that when used on dry eyes that the coconut oil acted as a rewetting agent that reduced irritation associated with the condition.

Now, this study wasn’t replicated with humans. Due to this, it is difficult to know whether the coconut oil will have the same level of efficacy in people. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that the oil will be equally as safe for humans as it was for rabbits.

Nevertheless, this is a good starting point. It provides evidence that coconut oil may be able to improve the symptoms associated with dry eyes.

May Have Antibacterial Effect

What if you want to use coconut oil for eye infection? How well does it hold up as a remedy then? Well, the thing to realize about most eye infections is that they are caused by some form of bacteria or virus. Fortunately, coconut oil has been found to be effective against many strains of bacteria.

Therefore, applying the coconut oil to the site of the infection may help to reduce the impact of the condition or help it to clear up more quickly. Before you do use coconut oil for conjunctivitis, though, you may need to determine what strain of bacteria or virus is at work.

Or, if you don’t notice any relief from symptoms after a few days, you will need to presume that the coconut oil is not effective against that particular strain. In this case, you will need to speak to a medical professional about how to proceed.

Now, in the case of blepharitis, bacteria isn’t the only cause of this infection. In some instances, this condition is a result of dandruff, much like what you would find on your scalp. Fortunately, you can use coconut oil for blepharitis even if this is the cause.

This is because coconut has been found to be rather effective against dandruff on the scalp. It can work lock in moisture and prevent any more dry skin. At the same time, the oil can soften dry scales so that they don’t cause as much irritation.

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Can Seal in Moisture

Sometimes, the dry eyes aren’t to do with your eye but the skin around your eyes. The membrane here is quite thin which means that it is much more likely to lose moisture. Not only can this cause discomfort, but it can also cause the skin here to age and wrinkle more quickly.

Luckily, you can use coconut oil for dry skin around eyes as it is considered to be an emollient. As a result, it can create a barrier that will prevent moisture from escaping. There is a chance it may also improve the skin barrier with continuous use.

That being said, coconut oil doesn’t actually add moisture to the skin. So, to make sure that the skin around the eyes is properly hydrated, you will need to use a moisturizer that works as a humectant as well. Apply the humectant first and then apply a layer of coconut oil after this.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes

Now let’s talk about how to use coconut oil as a remedy for dry eyes. One of your options would be to place the coconut oil inside your eyes via a dropper. However, as mentioned, it is difficult to know how safe this process will be.

Due to this, you should consider the following trick for this remedy:

First, soak a ball of cotton wool in some melted coconut oil. Make sure that the oil has completely cooled before the application.

Then, close one eye. Place the cotton wool against the closed eyelid, at the meeting of both lids. Keep the cotton wool there for a few seconds and then remove. Repeat this step with your other eye. This way, you aren’t adding more coconut oil to the eye than strictly necessary.

What You Should Know About Using Coconut Oil in Eyes

It is clear that using coconut oil for your eyes can be a bit of a hit or miss remedy. This is why you must take great care in using it yourself.

First and foremost, you need to make sure to avoid coconut oil eye irritation. Thus, you will need to run a patch test to be certain that you aren’t allergic to the oil. If you haven’t exhibited any symptoms after the 24 hour to 48 hour period, then it is likely that this oil is safe for you to use.

You should also only use organic virgin coconut oil for this procedure. This kind of oil has been processed to avoid irritants. As such, you are less likely to suffer from any side effects. Make sure that the coconut oil is food-grade instead the kind that you would use for your skin or hair.

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The last thing that you want to do is to introduce bacteria to your eye. So, make sure that you have a dedicated jar of coconut oil to use for your eye or eyelid. Always wash your hands before scooping out the coconut oil or applying it to your eyes.

If you are treating an infection, make sure to discard of the bottle of coconut oil once you are done. This prevents the infection from spreading or recurring.

These are the top things to be aware of regarding coconut oil for dry eyes. If you do want to try out this remedy, it is important to be cautious about it. Always seek medical advice before testing this remedy out.

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