Coconut Oil for Eyelashes: Does This Remedy Work?

Coconut oil for eyelashes – could this be the ultimate remedy you have been looking for?

It makes sense why you would ask this question. After all, it seems that coconut oil is recommended for everything these days.

However, you may also have realized that many of these claims don’t hold up when tested. Thus, it makes sense that you might want to know if this treatment is worth pursuing.

Well, all your questions are about to be answered in this post. Here, you will discover exactly what coconut oil can do for your lashes and how you can use it.

So, let’s get a move on.

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Is Coconut Oil Bad for Eyes?

Before going any further, let’s stop to answer a very important question – can coconut oil harm your eyes?

This is a reasonable query considering that this oil will be quite close to your eyes if you decide to apply it to your eyelashes.

Well, there is great news for you. Not only is coconut oil not bad for your eyes, but it can be rather good for the skin around your eyelids as well.

For instance, if you check out our post regarding coconut oil benefits for skin, you will discover that coconut oil has antibacterial properties.

As such, it may be able to prevent certain common bacterial infections.

Now, you should try to avoid getting the coconut oil into your eyes. While it won’t do any damage, it may cause some discomfort for a while.

Coconut Oil, Longer Lashes – Is There Any Truth?

Most people have just one question on their mind: “how to grow eyelashes with coconut oil?”

Before you answer this question, however, you have to ask a more important one – can coconut oil help your eyelashes grow?

If you were to check out this best coconut oil for hair post, you would find that hair length and growth is an inherited trait.

Essentially, the length of your hair is determined by your genes. Well, it turns out that your genetic makeup will decide how long your eyelashes will be.

As such, applying coconut oil to your eyelashes isn’t going to lengthen them in any way.

Want more proof? Well, one blogger decided to test coconut oil eyelashes before and after effects.

She discovered that despite using coconut oil continuously, there were no positive results.

Are There Any Advantages to Using Coconut Oil for Your Lashes?

Now, the news that coconut oil is going to boost eyelash growth may have disappointed you.

You shouldn’t give up just yet, though. There are several advantages that this oil can offer for your eyelashes.

Let’s take a look.

Can Strengthen Your Lashes

Your eyelashes can go through a fair amount of damage, particularly if you use mascara or eyelash extensions consistently.

In such instances, it is unlikely that your eyelashes will be restored to full health by themselves. Fortunately, coconut oil can help with the rejuvenation process.

It is readily absorbed by eyelashes and cuts down on protein loss. As a result, your lashes are bound to be in better condition after consistent use.

woman applying coconut oil on eyelashes

Can Moisturize Your Lashes

If you want your lashes to be silky-looking, they need to be moisturized. Once again, coconut oil can help to keep your lashes well hydrated.

As mentioned, coconut oil is quickly and easily absorbed. In turn, it can form a protective layer that prevents your lashes from drying out.

At the same time, the oil does allow moisture from the air to penetrate the lashes, moisturizing them farther.

So, if you find that various makeup products have dried out your eyelashes, this is an excellent remedy.

May Be Able to Replace Mascara

There is no denying that mascara is a great invention – this formula makes your eyelashes appear thicker and longer.

Nevertheless, it can also hurt your eyelashes, making them brittle or causing them to clump together.

This is why coconut oil may be a suitable replacement.

It should be noted that coconut oil may not create an effect that is as noticeable as mascara. However, it can make your eyelashes appear thicker and longer.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about crusting, clumping, or any of the other issues you typically face when you use mascara.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Eyelashes

Now that you are aware that coconut oil can be quite useful for your eyelashes, the next step is figuring out how to use it.

The good news is that it is incredibly simple to do. First, though, you do have to find the right coconut oil for your eyelashes.

How to Choose Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

There are different types of coconut oil on the market. It is important to be careful about which one you pick.

Since the oil will be applied near your eyes, you need to select something mild and gentle.

Here are the top terms that you should watch out for when choosing your coconut oil:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil: with virgin coconut oil, the processing portion is minimal. As a result, the oil is extracted without adding any other substances or ingredients. This ensures that it is a lot purer and safer to use as well.

  • Organic Coconut Oil: when cooking, organic coconut oil isn’t a must as there are negligible amounts of pesticides in it. However, as mentioned, this will be applied near your eye. Thus, it is best not to take any chances.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil: most coconut oils are solid at room temperature. Naturally, this makes the oil rather difficult to apply to your eyelashes. On the other hand, fractionated coconut oil has been designed to remain in liquid form. It tends to be more absorbent as well.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Your Eyelashes

Now let’s move onto how you can apply the coconut oil to your eyelashes.

Things You Will Need

  • Eyelash wand or Q-tip
  • Coconut oil

The Procedure

Step 1: Dip the wand or Q-tip in the coconut oil and get rid of the excess.

Step 2: Place the tool at the base of your top eyelashes and move upwards as though you are applying mascara. You can coat each side of your eyelashes for maximum effect.

Step 3: Repeat the process with your bottom eyelashes.

Step 4: Wipe away any excess oil on your eyelids.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Your Eyelashes

The Best Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

Here are the top coconut oil products for your eyelashes:

If you want to deep condition your lashes, this is the coconut oil for you. It is chock-full of nutrients that will restore your lashes to their former glory in no time at all. As it is quite absorbent, you can also expect the oil to work its magic more quickly. As an added bonus, the oil is quite long-lasting as well.

This is a great formula if you want something lightweight. The oil can be easily applied to your lashes and is quickly absorbed. It is moisturizing and is perfect if your lashes feel dry or brittle to the touch. As it is both gentle as well as organic, you can use it regularly without worrying about irritation.

If you want quick results, then this brand could be right for you. The oil contains lots of nutrients that will help you get your eyelashes looking healthy and silky in no time at all. This coconut oil is quite lightweight as well so you will not even feel it while it is on your lashes.

These are the top coconut oils for your eyelashes. However, if you also want to find out what coconut oils are best for your skin in general, check out this post.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to learn about coconut oil and eyelashes. This includes the real benefits of coconut oil and how you can use it. You will also know the best coconut oils to get the job done.

This review answers the question of whether coconut oil is a good remedy for eyelashes. This oil can’t actually help you get longer lashes. However, it is still great for improving the condition and appearance of your eyelashes. So, if you want to use it, you will enjoy some significant results.

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