Is Coconut Water a Low Histamine Food? A Complex Concept

October 2, 2023

Yes, coconut water is a low histamine food.

A small number of my clients who have considered going on a low histamine diet have wanted to know is coconut water a low histamine food. While it is, there is a lot that you need to know about coconut water and diet before you embark on it.

The following tackles where coconut water falls on the histamine spectrum as well as other health roles that it plays. Learn more here!

Can You Drink Coconut Water on a Low Histamine Diet?

The first thing that you should be aware of is that it isn’t easy to figure out the precise histamine levels in food. There can even be a significant amount of variation within a single food! To add to this, there hasn’t been much research conducted on histamine levels in food.

Due to this, it is difficult to say with certainty where coconut water falls on the histamine spectrum. However, as coconut milk is deemed acceptable, it is natural to assume that coconut water is safe to be added to your diet as well.

However, there are a few things that you should know about coconut water as a low histamine food…

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Understanding Coconut Water as a Low Histamine Food

It isn’t enough for you to be aware that coconut water is low in histamines before adding it to your diet. While this drink is delicious, contains electrolytes, and is naturally low in calories, it isn’t necessarily a good fit for everyone.

For instance, if you have IBS, you may actually find that coconut water can worsen your symptoms, causing various digestive issues. Also, consuming too much coconut water can also lead to a spike in your potassium levels. This too can lead to a laxative effect.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should cut coconut water out of your diet – far from it. Rather, you should be aware that it is possible to experience certain side effects, depending on your body reacts to coconut water.

The best way to avoid experiencing such issues is to limit your intake of coconut water. Drink no more than 6 to 8 ounces a day. You should also monitor how you feel after drinking coconut water to ensure that you are responding to it well.  

Does Coconut Water Reduce Inflammation

As you are aware, the main issue with consuming foods that are high in histamines is the increased risk of inflammation. Not only can this can cause the symptoms of histamine intolerance, but inflammation is also often a precursor to a number of diseases.

Naturally, consuming foods that are high in anti-inflammatory foods as well as ones low in histamines is a good habit. Well, fortunately for you, coconut water is considered as an anti-inflammatory food!

It is most effective against acute inflammation and can even act as a pain reliever. Most of the research has been conducted on how coconut water can help external inflammation.

However, the beverage is quite effective against inflammation found in the liver. Tender coconut water – what you typically find in stores – appears to be most useful against histamines.

Can these effects be replicated to someone who has an especially sensitive reaction to histamines?

Well, there is no way of knowing this for sure. After all, a lot more research needs to be done to truly understand just how well coconut water works as an anti-inflammatory agent and if its uses can be extended to all types of inflammation.

Nevertheless, this is certainly an encouraging sign. Thus, you can start by drinking a cup of coconut water each day to determine if it helps you with your symptoms. Once again, though, remember not to overindulge to avoid incurring any side effects.

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A Note About the Low Histamine Diet

As a professional in the field of nutrition, I do feel it is my duty to offer you some warning about a low histamine diet.

This diet is considered only for people who suffer from histamine intolerance. You should bear in mind that this disease is very rare – only one percent of the population is actually affected by it. Not to mention, it is quite difficult to get a proper diagnosis.

Due to this, you should rule out other medical possibilities before settling on this diagnosis – always follow the advice of a healthcare professional. Don’t make any changes to your diet that haven’t been approved by your doctor.

Understand, while a low histamine diet may be helpful to some, there is limited evidence on just how effective it actually is. To add to this, the diet can be incredibly restrictive, depriving you of much-needed vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients. In extreme cases, it may cause nutritional deficiencies.

Many people can also get into the habit of only eating a small number of foods on this restricted diet and once again miss out on a balanced diet.

This is why a low histamine diet is only ever followed for a short period of time. If this is a diet that you are considering following, you will need to work with your doctor every step of the way. You may also need to enlist the services of a nutritionist to ensure that you are staying healthy.

As mentioned, quite a bit of work – tests and ruling out other diagnoses – needs to be done before you decide the low histamine diet is right for you.

There you have it – coconut water is low in histamines. In fact, the beverage has an anti-inflammatory effect which can help people suffering from inflammation issues in general! Due to this, it can be added to a low histamine diet.

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