Is Coconut Water Alkaline? Finding Out Where It Stands

October 2, 2023

Coconut water is mildly acidic. However, the actual pH of coconut water can vary quite a bit based on various factors.

Many of my clients have asked me is coconut water alkaline in an effort to reduce their systems of acid reflux and associated symptoms. The answer to this question often surprises many people.

In this post, I will talk about the pH of coconut water as well as what variations you can expect. I will also outline the impact of this finding. Let’s begin!

What is the pH of Coconut Water?

The pH of coconut water falls in between the range of 5 and 5.4. This means that the coconut water is slightly acidic.

Now, you should be aware that the actual pH of coconut water can vary. For instance, more mature coconuts contain coconut water with a higher pH. In such cases, the pH of the coconut water would be closer to that of neutrality.

There is also the fact that the process of sterilization and storage can also impact the pH. In this case, though, these techniques lower the pH between one to two points. This makes the coconut water more acidic than when it was in the drupe.

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Does Coconut Water Help with Acidity?

Considering that coconut water is mildly acidic, you wouldn’t expect it to be very good for someone with a naturally acidic stomach. Nevertheless, coconut water can actually help with people with issues such as acid reflux.

This is because coconut water does contain several electrolytes, including potassium. Experts have found that electrolytes are key elements in balancing your body pH. Therefore, despite its acidity, coconut water may potentially help to reduce the impact of acid reflux.

Coconut water can also improve your stomach’s ability to deal with acid in other ways, too. It is believed to increase the mucus production within the stomach. In doing so, it can protect your stomach wall from the corrosive properties of stomach acid.

In general, coconut water may also be able to reduce inflammation associated with various gastric issues. Thus, this reduces the side effects or symptoms you experience as well.

Is Coconut Water Better Than Alkaline Water?

Plain water is neutral or close to – it can sometimes be a bit alkaline depending on the source. Alkaline water, on the other hand, is water where the pH of the water has been intentionally raised. As a result, the pH is usually around 9.

Then, is alkaline water effective against acid reflux? If so, is it better than coconut water?

Well, it should be noted that there has been limited research done on alkaline water. And, there are some studies shown that it can reduce the side effects caused by acid reflux. However, it is difficult to say just how effective it is.

Not to mention, there are many people who do categorize alkaline water as being another fad.

It is difficult to determine if coconut water is more effective than alkaline water or vice versa. After all, there isn’t conclusive evidence for either beverage regarding how well it prevents acid reflux.

Furthermore, everyone’s experience can vary. This means that for some people coconut water may provide greater relief, while with others, alkaline water will do the trick.

It is best to test out both options to determine which the best option for you is. Take turns adding one of the beverage to your diet, keeping all other factors identical. Then, figure out which one offers you the most amount of relief.

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Can You Drink Coconut Water Every Day for Acidity?

If coconut water does prove to be useful to you, can you enjoy it every day to ward off the effects of acid reflux?

Technically, you can drink coconut water every day. However, always drink no more than 6 to 8 ounces each day. Any more than that and you could experience certain side effects.

This is because coconut water is quite high in potassium. If you drink a lot at one sitting or during the course of a single day, then you risk the chance of pushing your body’s potassium levels over the limit.

If you are concerned about your potassium levels, it is a good idea to get them checked out after a week or so of drinking coconut water every day. If there hasn’t been an increase, then you can continue with this routine.

However, you should always watch out for signs of any adverse effects, including digestive issues. In case these crop up, cut back on your consumption of coconut water.

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Choosing Coconut Water for Acidity

If you are drinking coconut water to help offset acid reflux, then it is important to choose the right kind. Here is how you do that:

First, always choose unsweetened coconut water. There is some evidence that some sugars or sweeteners may trigger acid reflux symptoms. Not to mention, coconut water without added sugar is so much healthier for you.

Make sure that the coconut water isn’t flavored with citrus fruits or other ingredients that are known to trigger acid reflux symptoms. Once again, it should be plain coconut water for the best benefits.

You should also steer clear of carbonated coconut water. Even if the coconut water has only had fizz added to it, this can still cause problems. Some studies show that the aeration can aggravate acid reflux symptoms. As such, it is best to avoid it altogether.

There you have – it coconut water isn’t alkaline, but rather mildly acidic. The pH value can also vary depending on the type of coconuts used as well as the sterilizing and storage factors.

Despite this, coconut water isn’t bad for an acidic stomach – in fact, it can actually improve the symptoms of acidic reflux! Due to this, it can be used by people with higher levels of stomach acidity.

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